Do you know a child who loves photography?

Are you lacking the creative and technical skills to teach them?
Imagine them learning from a fun loving animated photography expert

Happy child learns about photography

Create Amazing Photographs With Any Camera!

Kids learn to use the camera in a mobile phone
Kids learn to use a point and shoot camera
Kids learn to use a Single Lens Reflex Camera, SLR
Kids learn to use the camera in a tablet

What Kids Will Learn

Kids learn about the history of photography
Photo History
    • Discover how photography changed the world and whose idea it was.
Kids learn how a camera works and camera settings
The Camera

Learn how camera’s work and identify

    • icons: such as portrait, landscape, and motion
Kids learn how to set the focus when taking pictures

Create sharp in focus photographs
 and soft focus artistic images

Kids learn about composition and the rule of thirds in photography

Explore composition and using the “Rule of Thirds”

Kids learn about zooming- in and using camera angles to create fantastic photographs.
Zooms and Angles

Find out how zooming- in and using camera angles will help you create fantastic photographs.

Kids learn about the best resolution on the camera for emails, web and printing

Determine the best resolution on your camera for emails, web and printing

A Lively, Fun, and Informative Beginners Photography Course  for Kids.
Designed for Children Ages  7 to 12.


The course was developed with a mixture of engaging animation, captivating graphics, and inspirational photography to entertain while learning.


I‘ll challenge them with thought provoking questions, and activities and quizzes to practice their new skills.


colorful fun printable certificates at the end of each section to acknowledge their progress and accomplishments

Photography Instructor Genie, for Kids online beginner’s photography course
Assistant Photography Instructor’s Assistant Bling-bling, for Kids online beginner’s photography course

Course Curriculum


A little about me!

Jeannie has significant experience in digital and traditional photography and is an accomplished artist in the manipulation of digital images. She holds a BA in photography and an MFA in photography and digital imaging.  She currently teaches photography online and in the classroom.  In addition, she runs her own Photography/Digital media company. Excited about sharing her passion of photography and digital art, with her own daughter, she was inspired to use her talents to create fun online classes for kids.


"This is great! Great flow of information for elementary kids"!

Student's Parent 

"Great  tips and easy to understand. My niece and I sat down to watch the  course together and enjoyed the simple and effective teaching style. The  history of photography was exceptional. Thanks from both of us."

Student's uncle

"This course was very fun, I learned loads of new things like how to focus on a digital camera! I liked it lots."


"This  course is a lot of fun! It gives a great intro to photography. There  is a lot of good information about the camera, composition and photo  techniques. The presentation is fun and well timed. Just short enough  and just long enough so that kids can grasp all the ideas on how to take  a great photo. 

Student's Parent 

 "This is a great class for kids. Easy and fun for them to learn on their own."

Student's Parent 

"The history behind cameras is incredible. I learned so much from this one section."


"I'm  an adult, but I found this class to be helpful for me to learn about  the basics of digital photography and its history. Thanks, Jeannie for  this class!"

Student's Parent 

"This is a great course! I would recommend this!"


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    Photography course for kids