Meet Bling-bling and: FiveThings You Should Know About Me.

Meet Bling-bling

Hi, shutterbugs and welcome to my first blog post. 

I’m happy to be writing my first blog post…ok, I just wrote that without really thinking it through …let me rephrase.

I’m happy to be writing my first post after I have

  • Have eaten all the kitty treats.
  • Scratched the wall for 15 minutes
  • Played attack the ankles all morning
  • And had a nice long nap

I thought I would start by Introducing myself. My name is Bling-bling. Bling for short. I had at least a dozen names before this name, only because those I live with, couldn’t seem to make up their minds. This can make the first weeks at a new place confusing. You start to respond (slowly of course) to a whole assortment of words thinking it may be your name. Some of the mistakes I made were with frequent words like, Dinner, Phone, What, No, Toilet & See ya. Then one day, I was given a sparkling pink color with a fancy cat charm. A little bling-bling  for me to show off, and so with great relief I now had a permanent name.

I thought I would sum up this introduction with: Five Things You Should Know About Me.

  • I can type (obviously)
  • I like to chase mice
  • I like to chase mice or anything that moves
  • I like to chase mice (I need to emphasis this, it’s very important to me)
  • I like Photography
  • I like working as a photographers’ assistant. (I was just told that was six things- maybe math is not my thing)
  • Ok I forgot one more… I like dog jokes…I know, I know… that’s seven.

Working with photography is in my blood. I found this old photograph of my great, great, great, great (ok, you get the idea) grandparents take in 1898.

For the record, I may need to state that I have not officially traced the lineage back to these exact cats, but I figured we are all related somehow. Just like humans – I think.  Anyway, as you can see my ancestors are a breed of talented felines, and I plan to whole heartily continue in their paw-steps.

Be sure to check out my next blog – on What to Photograph Instead of a Mouse?”