When you Aim – Fill the Frame

When you Aim: Fill the Frame. Tips on taking photos that look great!

Hello to all my friendly photographers and welcome back to Bling’s Blog!

Recently I was thinking about the most useful tips that I learned when starting to take photographs, and decided to share with you the idea on Filling the Frame.

 I have to admit that sometimes I have a bit of trouble Filling the Frame. Especially,  if the mouse that I am photographing is running away from me. I  find it easier to  Fill the Frame, if my subject is not moving. However, if you are like me and want to photograph mice, it is easier if they are asleep.

First, let’s start with what the phrase Filling the Frame  means.

When you hear the word “Frame” in photography, your first thought might be a picture frame.

In photography, the words  “Frame” or “Framing” are similar. Think of it as the rectangle area of your camera, which surrounds the picture you are creating. What you are framing, is everything that you see inside the rectangle. Some of you will be looking at the screen on a digital camera, phone, or tablet. While others will be looking through a viewfinder. Just remember that everything inside of the rectangle is what you are framing.  Basically, you want to fill the frame with the most interesting part of your photograph.

So …Why is it important to “Fill the Frame”?

Think about how you feel – when you look a picture of someone and they look small and far away. Now think of how you feel when you see the expression and emotion of the person of a person in a photograph.

Filling the Frame  can change how you feel about an image. Getting closer to whatever you are photographing and Filling the Frame  will feel more personal, and you will see more details.

The best way to Fill the Frame is to get as close as you can to whatever you are photographing. Then if you need to – zoom in to Fill the Frame

The closer you get using your feet first, the more likely you are to shoot a sharp, well-exposed photograph.

Let’s Review the steps for Filling the Frame

  1. I know it’s tempting to just start shooting, but before you take a picture, consider… “What is the most important part of this photograph”? (In photography we call the most important part of your photograph – your “Subject”)
  2. Then get as close as you can and fill the rectangle area of your camera with your subject. If you still need to get closer, then zoom in.
  3. Now you’re ready to take the Photograph! But not just one. Be sure to have fun and experiment.

To help you remember this tip, just say to yourself before taking a photograph,

Photographing Mice is Twice as Nice…….

Only kidding!……… That’s my personal motto.

(But, you can say it if you like)

Here’s what you really need to say to help you remember to Fill the Frame

"When you Aim – Fill the Frame"

and just for a chuckle......

What did one flea say to the other?
Should we walk or take a dog?

Happy shooting and we will -chat soon,